Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Save money. Live better.

Yes, Wal-Mart is the topic of discussion. Personally, I am a Wal-mart shopper and I imagine that a lot of people are with the current economic situation being what it is.

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about Wal-mart’s business practices, but that’s not what I’m interested in. I am far more interested in their recent change of slogan or tagline. Most people remember Wal-mart’s ad campaign that involved the “Always low prices” phrase. I don’t know the statistics on how effective their marketing was with that slogan, but apparently someone felt it was time for a change.
The “Save Money. Live Better.” slogan has appeared in the last year. I think as a marketing tool, it may be more effective. It doesn’t simply emphasize the fact that they are a price leader. Though most consumers who are not interested in the intricacies of marketing would not notice, the slogan also includes a benefit. It shows how those low prices can do good things for the consumer. I think their new slogan is a smarter one. Regardless of their business practices, it tells the final consumer that Wal-mart, because their products cost less than competitors, can help consumers afford to buy more and live better lives because of it. So, three cheers for Wal-mart? Maybe. Maybe not. But I have to give kudos to whoever decided to change their tagline.

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