Thursday, October 21, 2010

Party People

I am huge fan of practicality with a side of whimsy, and I received a gift recently that truly fit the bill. I was given a set of Vacu Vin Glass Markers Party People.

Everyone has run into the "Is this my drink or yours?" dilemma. When you have wine or beer glasses or even just glasses for soft drinks and more than one person is drinking the same drink it's a common problem. The Party People can come to your rescue. They stick to the side of your glass and are a fantastic conversation piece because each one has it's own "personality". The gang includes Sneaky, Deep, Curious, Macho, Naughty, Veggie, Honest, Cuddly, Devilish, Cool, Jolly, and Mysterious.

Clearly the Party People are not a necessity. Life would go on without having a cute character stuck to your glass, but they're fun and the do genuinely solve common a problem. They certainly brighten up my boring clear wine glasses.

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