Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crochet: Not Just for Grandma

When many people hear the word crochet, or picture someone knitting, images of grandma sitting in a rocking chair with her hook or needles and a ball of yarn may come to mind. Yes, crocheting with thread (referred to as floss) is how doilies come to exist, and that old afgan throw on your grandparents' couch is made up of appropriately named "granny squares."

A lot of time, patience, and a strong wrist goes into creating intricate or extensive crocheted projects. Though afgans and doilies are the tradition,
a modern crochet aficionado can create scarves, bags, hats, and baby blankets. However, there's something that can be crocheted that may not come to mind immediately. When you're used to making hats, scarves, and blankets, most who crochet wouldn't think they could wear a crocheted project during the height of summer. Ever thought you could crochet swimwear?

When you're on the beach or at the pool this summer, you might see someone in a crocheted swimsuit or bikini. They're really out there. They range from modest tankinis to a little too risque for public (be careful if you do a google search). Crocheted swimwear can be purchased online or there are patterns available for do-it-yourself-ers.

You'd be surprised where crocheting can show up. It's the detailed patterns or lace on many things you wouldn't expect. I challenge you to rethink things that you think are old-fashioned or out-dated. It doesn't just apply to yarn crafts.

Crocheted swimwear: LovetoKnow

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