Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derby Hat Day

Today is Derby Day. The infamous Kentucky Derby seems to still attract some of the biggest hats imaginable. It seems that hats have always been associated with a day at the racetrack, but they creep into the rest of our lives too.

Hats can have great symbolism and can express individual personality like no other piece of clothing. They can be functional or decorative. They help one fit in or stand out. They can mark a milestone or achievement. They can even be a symbol of shame.

Hard hats, base-ball caps, and wool stocking caps can keep you safe or keep you cool or warm as weather dictates. Some stunning chapeaus often adorn the heads of women heading to church on Easter Sunday. Picture a sea of graduates wearing mortar boards with tassels and everyone’s heard rumors of the shame of wearing a dunce cap.

Some people wear the same hat all the time, or never wear a hat at all. Some hats are compulsory such as those worn by the military or employees in other industries such as foodservice or construction.

There are even figures that are famous for their hats. Who hasn’t heard of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat? Images of Uncle Sam always include a hat. And who would Charlie Chaplin be without his derby? Could you picture an old western movie with John Wayne hat-less?

Different types of hats go in and out of fashion, but they will be around forever. I’m going to pull out one of my favorite hats in honor of the Kentucky Derby and continue the long tradition of fancy hats.

Want to see some fancy hats? Check out the ones that this lady makes:

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